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Welcome to Certispec Services

Independent Marine Surveying - Inspection - Sampling - Laboratory Testing
The Certispec Group of companies is pleased to be able to offer independent marine surveying, inspection, sampling and laboratory testing services throughout Canada and other parts of the globe.

We are able to offer a truly world wide service through our ever-expanding network of international offices and working agreements/partnerships with a number of international inspection companies. Our services cover a broad range of commodities including bulk solids and liquids, petroleum, food and agri-products

All of our personnel are well qualified and have many years of experience in surveying, inspection and testing both here and in other parts of the world. We have adopted our own Quality Assurance Program (Q.P.) which has been successfully registered to the ISO/IEC 9001 and 17025 Standards at various locations.

Marine Surveying

Certispec provides qualified deck and engineering, deep-sea officers for technical surveys such as deadweight measurements, vessel condition surveys, cargo / vessel / dock damage assessments, tanker vetting services and security assessments as required by the I.M.O. - I.S.P.S. Code.

Tank Calibration Services

Certispec can provide expert calibration or re-calibration of storage tanks; be they vertical or horizontal, cylindrical or spherical. Our staff are all fully trained in the physical and optical methods of tank strapping.